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M. Pichler
The Fleye is a student project, in which frame since 2006 several airships / blimps have been build. Since then every year groups of students are working on this project to enhance it. The actual airship is a blimp and is 7,80m long and has a diameter of 1,95m. The blimp has a hybrid mantle concept, where the external mantle has a volume of 15 cubic meter and keeps in it two helium mantles and a ballonet. As drive system two powerful rotatable electro engines for thrust vector control are used as main drive. To support the vertical tail an additional electrical drive is mounted in the fin. A flight computer has been developed for the Fleye. This makes remote control of the blimp easier (only speed and direction has to be commanded) and allows in the future automatic guidance and navigation based on GPS waypoints. For this reason also a mobile ground station has been developed, in order to show in real-time the status of the blimp, control the payload and log all events for debugging purposes. The aim of this project is the development and the operation of an experimental blimp, which is capable to carry various payloads up to 3kg. Payloads that have been developed and tested together with the Fleye are: - WLAN- Access Point to build up a communication network (incl. VoIP Server) - Gamma spectrometer to detect nuclear pollution - Infrared camera and Full-HD camera with live-video downlink for surveillance and rescue applications. This features makes this blimp to a perfect demonstrator for a low cost blimp armada which can give support in case of catastrophic events or help during rescue operations.
10th International Airship Convention, Friedrichshafen
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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt - Lilienthal-Oberth e.V., Bonn, 2015
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