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G. Schuh, L. Krebs, L. Babetto, B. Kniebel, M. Spangenberg, E. Stumpf
The share of the retail market transported via air cargo logistics has constantly risen in the past years, especially due to an extension of e-commerce. However, air cargo logistics chains are currently ending at cargo airports and are continued by ground transportation units. Since traffic and environmental pollution are increasing due to the growing number of delivery trucks, this paper proposes an alternative logistics chain from cargo airports to city centres with the help of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Concepts for transportation units, distribution centres, and three different autonomous, CO2-neutral unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that provide links between cargo airports, regional airfields, and city hubs in urban centres are presented. Furthermore, the technical and legal requirements for this scenario are evaluated and insufficiencies in the legal framework are outlined. In addition, the legal boundary conditions are applied to the UAVs and the safety framework of UAS is evaluated, using the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) approach. Furthermore, the security issues concerning cyber-attacking of autonomous vehicles are discussed. The study provides an overview on the legal and technical feasibility of an extension of air cargo logistics chains to city centres and to provide solution approaches to tackle the existing barriers for UAV assisted delivery services.
Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress 2021
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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt - Lilienthal-Oberth e.V., Bonn, 2022
Conference Paper
21,0 x 29,7 cm, 14 Seiten
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Delivery UAS, urban airspace, UTM, UAV regulations, EASA, air cargo logistics chain
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Schuh, G.; Krebs, L.; et al. (2022): Technical and Legal Boundary Conditions for the Extension of the Air Cargo Logistics Chain By UAVs into the City Centre. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt - Lilienthal-Oberth e.V.. (Text). https://doi.org/10.25967/550082. urn:nbn:de:101:1-2022030412593529730863.
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