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Multi Sensor Data Acquisition and Fusion to increase Situation Awareness for A Helicopter Pilot

T. Lueken, H.-U. Doehler
After a successful final demonstration of the pilot assistant system developed in the scope of the DLR project PAVE [1] (Pilot Assistant in the Vicinity of Helipads) at the end of 2007, a new project called ALLFlight (Assisted Low Level Flight and Landing on Unprepared Landing Sites) has been started at the beginning of 2008. The main objective is to achieve a safe and effective 24h all weather operation capability of DLRs research helicopter EC- 135 under difficult visual conditions, e.g. in brown-out or white-out situations. This will be realized by providing the pilot assistance with the help of advanced visual and tactile cueing and intelligent control augmentation. Reducing pilots workload and increasing his situational and mission awareness are some more objectives within this project. ALLFlight deals with the integration of a full scale enhanced vision sensor suite onto DLRs research helicopter. This sensor suite consists of a wide set of imaging sensors, such as a colour TV camera, an un-cooled thermal infrared camera, an optical radar scanner and a mmW radar system. A compact high performance socalled sensor co-computer system (SCC) has been designed and realized to be able to process and display the huge incoming flood of data from these sensors. This computer system can easily be installed into the helicopter's experimental electronic cargo bay. A sophisticated, high performance, distributed data acquisition, recording, processing, and fusion software architecture has been developed and implemented during the first project year. This paper explains the architectural software concept and the implementation of the SCC. Some first data replays of gathered sensor data and some concepts of data fusion and display formats will be discussed. During the forthcoming years until 2012 the output will result into a broader mission potential of the helicopter compared to the present situation whenever a mission cannot be performed or has to be cancelled due to a degraded visual environment.
35th European Rotorcraft Forum 2009,
Conference Paper
21,0 x 29,7 cm, 9 Seiten
DGLR-Bericht, 2009, 2009-03, 35th European Rotorcraft Forum 2009 - Conference Proceedings; S.1-9; 2009; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt - Lilienthal-Oberth e.V., Bonn
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situational awareness, avionics, rotorcrafts

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