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D. Scholz
Purpose - Reach awareness of the fact that environmental goals, promises, and visions in aviation are written first of all to improve business and research conditions and not to improve the state of the environment. --- Approach - Material (online and from own archive) is reviewed to check what is left of the goals know as "ACARE Vision 2020", "IATA Climate Neutral Growth by 2020", and "ATAG Climate Neutral Growth by 2020". Goals are compared with CORSIAs vision for 2020. --- Findings - Goals are not well defined, have been withdrawn over the years, and are not reached. Patrons can not be hold accountable, because they are already dead or retired and have never signed a legal contract. --- Research limitations - The underlying information is or was once collected from the Internet. No insider information is used. --- Practical implications - Learning from past handling of aviation goals may result in a realistic view based on suspicion. --- Social implications - The discussion about aviation goals is opened up beyond aviation expert circles. --- Value - This seems to be the first publication with a critical view on goals, promises, and visions in aviation without the tendency to cover up or whitewash the facts.
Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress 2020
Conference Presentation
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Luftfahrt, Passagierflugzeug, Aeronautics, Airplanes, Ziel, Goal, Vision, 2020, ACARE, IATA
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, 2020
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